Informal Talk on Snakes By Royjan Taylor, Director or Bio Ken

An informal talk on Snakes by Rojyan Taylor of Bio Ken Snake Park. 7pm 6th June at Piri Piries.

Royjan Taylor the Director of Bio-Ken Snake Park, Watamu is coming to give us a talk on these wonderful mystic reptiles. He is going to give us advise on how to handle these creatures when you are faced with them. He is also be trying introduce antivenom to Kwale County.

Please come and join us for the talk and free bitings 6th June 7pm at Piri Pirie's.

There are about 127 different snake species in Kenya. Of these only 18 have caused human fatalities and only another 6 could kill you. Another 10 could cause you a lot of pain and the remaining 93 or so, are non-venomous nor dangerous.

Photos Courtesy of Bio Ken Snake Park - Watamu, Kenya

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